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What is “geoism”?

Geoism (otherwise known as “Georgism” after the legendary American political economist Henry George) is an economic philosophy based on the principles that: (1) the economic value derived from land, inclusive of all natural resources and opportunities, should belong equally to each member of the community; and (2) people own fully and exclusively what they create.

Geoists support:

  • A broad-based land value taxation scheme, either to mostly or entirely replace existing harmful taxes on income, investments, and consumption.

  • The social redistribution of this revenue either directly, through a Citizens' Dividend or Universal Basic Income, or indirectly, through government programs and public spending.

  • The abolition of tariffs, quotas, patents, and other barriers to free trade and commerce.

  • Some limited forms of market intervention by the state, such as anti-trust to prevent monopoly.

The geoist paradigm crosses the left-right political divide. This means that there are statist, anarchist, progressive, and conservative geoists.

Geoism disolves capitalism, socialism, and communism by synthesizing the best qualities of other economic systems and eliminating their weaknesses. Geoism creates perfect private property in the products of human exertion, namely the wages of labor and the interest returned to physical, non-financial capital, and eliminates private property in the unearned products of Nature, including all economic rents, such as the location value of land and other natural resources.

What is “anarchism”?

Broadly defined, anarchism is the action of challenging unjust authority.

What is a “constitutionalist”?

A constitutionalist supports a system of limited government to the extent government facilitates the free exercise of natural rights.

Constitutionalism is opposed to monarchism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, colonialism, oligarchism, corporatism, theocratism, and fascism.

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